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How our weighted products work

Our products are based on our own patented solution of chains stitched into lengthwise channels, which mould the blanket, comforter or vest closely to the body and provide a pleasant feeling of being embraced. The products help the body to relax and wind down thanks to external stimulus.


The weight, pressure and embracing effect in our products are important components in helping to relax and wind down. The device provides a feeling of being embraced, much like a hug, which in turn creates a sense of calm and security.


Greater body awareness from the weight reduces tension levels in the body, and this improves your breathing and increases your sense of calm. The effect is that you can relax, wind down, and achieve a better quality of sleep.

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How are our products used?


Weighted blankets and comforters

Our blankets and comforters have a two-in-one function: one chain side and one padded side. Which side is against the body is down to personal choice. Having the chains against your body provides greater tactile stimulation. In some cases, the more perceptible touch of the blanket has a more calming effect. Try out both sides to see what’s best for you. Draping the blanket or comforter over your shoulders and letting it adapt to your body shape is nicely relaxing when resting during the daytime. The flexible size means that you can also fold the blanket/comforter double if you require more weight on a certain area of the body. The Somna® Blanket is designed to be as cool as possible. If more warmth is required, simply combine with a regular duvet.


Weighted vest

The Somna® Vest offers the same calming, focusing effect as our blankets and comforters, but in a wearable form. The vest should be worn as close to the body as possible, and can be used with a sweater or jacket on top. To ensure flexibility and retain freedom of movement, there are no chains over the shoulders and shoulder blades. The embracing effect can be adapted by adjusting the straps around the body. The vest and the detachable weighted collar can be used together or separately.


Weighted collar

The Somna® Collar is a daytime product that helps to reduce tension in the body and shoulders. It is ergonomically designed to provide even, stable pressure. By lying on the chest and going down between the shoulder blades, it applies pressure to the muscles and gives the user a pleasant feeling of being embraced. It can be used both when sitting still and when moving. The collar helps to ensure a better posture, which promotes circulation and balance in the body.