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Effects of a weighted vest on attention to task and self-stimulatory behaviors in preschoolers with pervasive developmental disorders

4 October, 2017

Fertel-Daly D, Bedell G, Hinojosa J (2001). American Joumal of Occupational Therapy, 55, 629-640


This study examined the effectiveness of using a weighted vest for increasing attention to a fine motor task and decreasing self-stimulatory behaviors in 5 preschool children with pervasive developmental disorders (PDD).

The findings suggest that for these 5 children with PDD, the use of a weighted vest resulted in an increase in attention to task and decrease in self-stimulatory behaviors. The most consistent improvement observed was the decreased number of distractions. Additional research is necessary to build consensus about the effectiveness of wearing a weighted vest to increase attention to task and decrease self-stimulatory behaviors for children with PDD.