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Weighted Blankets

The Somna® Blanket is a weighted blanket designed to relieve agitation, anxiety and insomnia.
The function of the blanket is based on scientific studies into the calming effects of weight and pressure.

Weighted Comforters

The Somna® Comforter is a daytime product with the same positive properties as the Somna® Blanket, with its two-in-one function: one chain side and one padded side.

Weighted Vests

The Somna® Vest is a daytime product that primarily affects the sense of touch and the muscle/joint senses. The user’s body receives stimuli thanks to the Vest’s weight and embracing effect. The pressure helps the body to relax and wind down thanks to external stimulus. The collar provides extra weight and grounding, from the shoulders and down through the body.

Weighted Collars

The Somna® Collar is a daytime product that helps to reduce tension in the body and shoulders. It is specially designed and adapted to provide even, stable pressure.