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Weighted comforters

Somna has two different comforters: Somna® Comforter and Somna® Comforter 15 kg, both with slightly different functions and applications.

Which comforter is best for you?

The Somna® Comforter is a daytime product with the same positive properties as the Somna® Blanket, with its two-in-one function: one chain side and one padded side. The short comforter is good to have in your lap, while the longer one is better if you want to wrap it around yourself. You can also use the long comforter when you’re laying down, as a narrow blanket. The Somna® Comforter is available in two lengths, short and long. The short one weighs 4 kg and the long one comes in a 5 kg or 7 kg version. The comforters are for users of all ages.


Our Somna® Comforter 15 kg is as large as a standard duvet. The Somna® Comforter 15 kg and again it has one tactile chain side and a padded side for more even pressure. Somna® Comforter 15 kg is suitable for juniors and adults, primarily if you have a lot of tension in your body, severe agitation and anxiety, but also if you need to wind down and gather yourself quickly.

How is the Somna® Comforter used?

Most people use the comforter to gather themselves, find a sense of security, feel calmer and bring down stress levels. It’s the agitation, anxiety and tension in the body that cause problems. For some people with concentration difficulties, the comforter can be used at meetings, in conversations and at school or work.

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Who can the Somna® Comforter help?

Our comforters help people who find it hard to stay with and focus on an activity. Sometimes the trip between activities can be a source of stress and worry. In those situations, a comforter on your lap can help you feel calm and secure.

Some people find it difficult to be part of a group or to be in situations involving food. The feeling of weight and being embraced will help you to feel better able to deal with the situation.  It may also help you if you find social situations awkward, as the embracing sensation will ground you. The comforter can readily be combined with the Somna® Collar for greater effect.

Somna® Comforter

How is a Somna® Comforter constructed?

Our Somna® Comforter and Somna® Comforter 15 kg are made up of a number of lengthwise channels. These channels are filled with chains which are attached at the top and bottom. Like the Somna® Blanket, the Somna® Comforter has one chain side and one padded side.


The Somna® Lap Blanket has a combination of chains and channels filled with granules to achieve the right embracing feeling. The Somna® Lap Blanket has a granule-filled front pocket that can be used for further tactile stimulation or for handy storage.

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