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Weighted collar

The Somna® Collar is a daytime product that helps to reduce tension in the body and shoulders. It is ergonomically designed to provide even, stable pressure. By lying on the chest and going down between the shoulder blades, it applies pressure to the muscles and gives the user a pleasant feeling of being embraced.

Which collar is best for you?

The Somna® Collar comes in three sizes: a junior size, 1 kg, for children up to about nine years of age, and two weights for older children, adults and seniors, 1,5 kg and 2 kg. There is also a cover available as an optional extra, which protects the collar during daily use.

How is the Somna® Collar used?

The Somna® Collar can be used both when sitting still and when moving. The collar helps to ensure a better posture, which promotes circulation and balance in the body.

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Who can the Somna® Collar help?

The Somna® Collar can be used by people of all ages, primarily in situations where you need to be calm and focused. It is great for use along with the Somna® Lap Blanket. Common areas of use are at school, work and home.

Somna® Collar

How is a Somna® Collar constructed?

The Somna® Collar is filled with granules, which follow the body’s contours to give an even, stable pressure. With an ergonomic design, the collar lays over the chest and goes down between the shoulder blades, where it applies pressure to the muscles.

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