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Somna® Blanket

Weighted blankets

The Somna® Blanket has a two-in-one function: it is up to you whether you want more or less tactile stimulation. Using the blanket enables you to relax, wind down, and achieve a better quality of sleep. The blanket comes in junior and adult sizes, in various weights.

A softer and warmer blanket

The Somna® Blanket Sensitive is available for those who prefer a softer blanket. It has the same two-in-one function as the classic Somna® Blanket, but in the Sensitive model the softer side has twice as much padding. Having the padded side against the body gives the user a deep, pleasant pressure, while having the chain side against the body provides greater tactile stimulation.

Which weight is best for you?

The most common weights are 6, 8 and 10 kg, but the ideal weight is very much down to the individual. We have a 21-day full refund and return policy, so you can try the product out in the comfort of your own home.

Weight guide

How is the Somna® Blanket used?

The Somna® Blanket has a two-in-one function: one chain side and one padded side. Which side is against the body is down to personal choice. Having the chains against the body provides greater tactile stimulation. In some cases, the more perceptible touch of the blanket has a more calming effect. Try out both sides to see what’s best for you. Draping the blanket over the shoulders and letting it adapt to your body shape is nicely relaxing when resting during the daytime. The blanket is so supple that you can also fold it double if you require more weight on a certain area of the body.

The Somna® Blanket is designed to be as cool as possible. If more warmth is required, simply combine with a regular duvet. The Somna® Blanket can be found in the Swedish medical device database.

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The benefits of the Somna® Blanket:

  • Embracing – The Somna® Blanket follows the body’s contours and tucks you in.
  • Cool or warm – The classic Somna® Blanket is designed to be as cool as possible. If you want a warmer blanket, we also have the Somna® Blanket Sensitive with double padding.
  • Two-in-one function – You decide whether you want the softly padded side or the more tactilely stimulating chain side against your body.
  • Practical – The Somna® Blanket comes in a handy bag which makes it easy to carry around, and you can wash it at home in your normal washing machine.

Who can the Somna® Blanket help?

Our weighted products are much-appreciated assistive devices, and are prescribed to enhance the everyday lives of people with cognitive impairments. The products are also effective on people suffering from stress, anxiety and insomnia.

The weight, pressure and embracing effect help to enhance body awareness, and feel calming. Greater body awareness reduces tension levels in the body, and this in turn improves breathing and increases the sense of calm.

Somna’s weighted blankets are based on a unique, patented solution that helps people to relax, achieve calm and sleep better by natural means.

The main reasons for using Somna products are to:

  • Achieve greater calm
  • Get better sleep
  • Improve body awareness
  • Improve attention and focus
  • Decrease the level of sensory seeking behaviour


Sleep disorders
Daytime and night-time agitation
Motor disturbance
Asperger syndrome
Mental illness
Acquired brain injury
Neurological illnesses

How is a Somna® Blanket constructed?

The Somna® Blanket is made as a series of lengthwise channels. These channels are filled with chains which are attached at the top and bottom. The Somna® Blanket has one chain side and one padded side.


Somna® Blanket 8 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg and 14 kg have a zip down the middle. This is to enable washing in a normal washing machine. The blanket measures 200 x 150 cm, which means it will fit into a standard duvet cover. The Junior blanket is 125 x 100 cm.


On the Somna® Blanket Sensitive, all the various weights have a zip. The Sensitive blanket also measures 205 x 150 cm, which means it will fit into a standard duvet cover.

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