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Somna® Comforter

About Us

At Somna, we are convinced that a good day starts with a good night’s sleep. And that a good day continues with natural breaks where we can stop, relax our shoulders for a few minutes, find our focus and centre ourselves. A lot of people need help with this nowadays. For some it may be due to illness-related problems, but for more and more people it’s simply because there is more anxiety, agitation and stress in day-to-day life.


For more than 10 years, we have been developing and manufacturing products based on scientific studies and the theory of Sensory Integration (SI) into the calming effects of weight and pressure. Our Somna® Blanket helps people around the world with insomnia thanks to its calming, embracing effect.


We are a Swedish company that makes our products by hand, and because we also distribute we can always guarantee the highest quality and service. Our products are among the most extensively tried and tested and widely used on the market, and are certified to both environmental and quality standards. Our weighted products are sold by several agents across Europe, and in Japan and Australia. They can also be ordered directly here from our online shop.


Our product specialists are experienced occupational therapists and physiotherapists, thus ensuring a good understanding of the user’s situation and which products will work in circumstances that are important to the individual.