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Sleeping is the simplest thing in the world. For those who can.

There are as many reasons for insomnia as there are people. But whether it’s down to stress, anxiety or is illness related, few things are as crucial to a functioning everyday life as sleep. We need sleep so that our body and mind can rest, recover and process the day. When you sleep well at night, it’s easier to deal with stress and pressure during the day. For more than 10 years, we have been developing and manufacturing weighted products that help children, adults and seniors to wind down, sleep and stay calm throughout the day. Discover our weighted products Find out how weighted products work


Did you know
Over 50 000 
is the number of people using Somna's weight products.
40 %
the prescription of sleep medicine has increased since 2000
5 %
of the population have a neuropsychiatric disability
40 %
of all diagnosed illness in Sweden are mental illness

“Waking up rested and refreshed is new for me. I had the chance to try a weighted blanket when I was going through a period of stress and anxiety. The blanket had an almost immediate calming effect on me and my anxiety went away. That really was a surprise.”


  “It’s been two weeks and I love my blanket! I have a weighted blanket! This means I no longer have a fluffy duvet but an 8 kg cover with chains inside. Crazy? Not if you have ADHD like me.”Read the whole review
“It feels amazing to be able to sleep 7-8 hours a night. I’ve had problems with insomnia for 30 years. I’ve tried every sleep medication there is, tried the Swedish state’s five-step method, CBT, been to a sleep lab, all with no effect. Now I can wake up raring to go. It feels like I’ve got my life back.” Anonymous user, bipolar disorderRead more

Prescribers and staff stories

Patient: Man aged 45 with depression and insomnia “Has great trouble sleeping, wakes after a couple of hours and can’t get back to sleep. Very tired during the day and can only manage his full-time job. Can’t look after his home which means it’s very untidy and there’s clutter and rubbish everywhere. Is prescribed a 6 kg weighted blanket, also sees a doctor and starts taking antidepressants. Sleeps all night and a bit longer at weekends, and starts feeling a lot better. Cleans and tidies his home and gets it looking great, starts socialising with friends and has a life he’s happy with.”Read more stories from prescribers and staff 
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Somna® Comforter


Our products help the body to relax and wind down thanks to external stimulus. An important aspect is the feeling of touch, or in clinical terms the tactile sensation. Touching the skin sends stimuli to the brain, and this gives us awareness of our body’s outer limits. The user experiences calm and thereby an increased sense of security, which reduces anxiety, motor and mental agitation, and insomnia.